iTravelSafe(TM) App for iPhone & Android Launched by Advantage SCI

iTravelSafe(TM) App from The Apple Store or Google Play Store

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Advantage SCI is expanding into travel safety with a new and unique App for the iPhone and iPad available for purchase from The Apple Store and for the Android mobile devices from the Google Play Store. The App is priced at $4.99 on both platforms.

After purchase, download the comprehensive travel tool and refer to all data prior to, during, and after international travel for any destination to any of the 200 countries listed in the App. Up-to-the-minute travel Threat Alerts are available both online and offline.

The business traveler, the college student readying to study overseas, and even those just taking a pleasant vacation to an international destination can find out a myriad of information from the iTravelSafe(TM) App. Questions such as–How can business and private information be protected when traveling? What are the signs that information is being targeted? What considerations should be made for appearance, behavior, and mode of dress in the destination? — can be answered.

With information for more than 200 countries at your fingertips, including US embassy phone numbers, criminal activity in each country, and who should be contacted if a traveler is a victim of criminal activity in a foreign country are all features in the App. Best of all, information can be accessed both online and offline, so if internet access is restricted, the traveler is assured of still finding out whatever information they are seeking.

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